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About paint Correction

Paint correction is the repairing of your vehicles clear coat from the swirl mark, micro-marring and scratches it has gotten over the years. In most cases, we are able to remove anywhere from 50-95% of those imperfections with our correcting techniques. Many details shops may be capable of minor cosmetic improvements, but far too often its at the cost of swirls marks and scratches from improper buffing techniques. The art of safe and proper buffing techniques is what separates a true detailer from all the rest 

Paint correction Packages

Level 1 Correction

"Gloss Enhancement"
  • 24-Step Hand Wash 

  • Decontamination Treatment 

  • 1-Step Machine Polish 

  • Machine Applied Polymer Sealant 

  • Followed By Carnauba Wax Top Coat  

  • Wheels, Jams Cleaned & Polymer Sealed

Starting at $350*
Removes Roughly 50-60% of Paint Defects
Additional Costs For Trucks & SUV's

Level 2 Correction

"Multi-Step Paint Restoration"
  • Includes Level 1 Package 

  • 2-Step Correction & Machine Polish 

Starting at $499*
Removes Roughly 65-75% of Paint Defects
Additional Costs For Trucks & SUV's

Level 3 Correction

"Full Correction"
  • Includes Level 1 & Level 2 Packages 

  • Wet Sand "Color Sand" Scratches 

  • CarPro Windshield Coating Applied 

Starting at $650*
Removes Roughly 80-95% of Paint Defects
Additional Costs For Trucks & SUV's

Paint correction Gallery

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